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international confex 2023

A hot topic in every industry. But how does an industry with so many parts maintain momentum?

It's easy to overlook even the smallest changes, but they all stack up. This year you may notice that we've reduced the amount of carpeting on-site to theatres and stands to prevent more materials from going to landfill than necessary and we are also being conscious of where we source our signage. Opting for recycled materials that can be recycled again post-event and naturally sourced ink for any necessary where we can to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. 


Being held accountable for the impact of your events is one of the best ways to instigate change and prompt forward-thinking. As part of our 2023 sustainability strategy, we are partnering with event:decision to assess the environmental impact of hosting Confex.

Post-event we will be working together to draw up a sustainability report, highlighting the areas we could improve on to meet our targets. Our exhibitors also have the opportunity to work with event:decision 

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you smart thing


Designed to help you measure your carbon footprint when travelling to Confex, You. Smart. Thing. is partnering with ecolibrium to enable you to carbon balance your travel emissions. Start making an impact through a small donation equating to the cost of your journey's carbon emissions and ecolibrium will invest this donation in climate solutions; planting trees, protecting the threatened rainforest, restoring ecosystems and investing in community-scale clean energy generation. 

Create your personal travel plan today and find out the most sustainable way to get to us on 1-2 March 2023 or make a climate investment donation directly with ecolibrium. 

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Our Venue, ExCeL London is now a proudly certified carbon-neutral venue. ExCeL London uses exclusively renewable energy, swapped to eco-friendly LED light fittings and a visually impactful living plant wall home to 9,500 plants increasing biodiversity and oxygen production. 

Supporting the local community is also high on the agenda, from hosting Christmas events for Richard's House Hospice to weekly lunches for the homeless and those in need. ExCeL has pioneered in creating a well-rounded support system for the local community and the community.

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Event Cycle

Have you ever considered what happens to stand building materials post-exhibition?

We are partnering with Event Cycle to put our materials to good use and show you how things like carpets can be given a new lease on life. Not just preventing unnecessary amounts from going to landfill but also encouraging a more circular economy supporting those in need around us. 

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