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2024 marked a groundbreaking year for International Confex as we made significant strides towards sustainability. With the invaluable support of our partners and a keen focus on eliminating unnecessary waste, we proudly delivered a net zero Confex. Meticulously considering every element of the show floor to minimise environmental impact, our efforts included reducing the use of disposable materials, reusing on-site signage, and completely eliminating single-use plastics.

Managing the carbon footprint of exhibitions is challenging, especially with contributions from both exhibitors and attendees. To address this, we partnered with several organisations to accurately calculate and offset our carbon emissions. This year, you may also notice that we've reduced the amount of carpeting on-site for theatres and stands to minimise materials going to landfill.

Additionally, we are being conscious of where we source our signage, opting for recycled materials that can be recycled again post-event and using naturally sourced ink wherever possible to reduce our environmental impact. These efforts, combined with other sustainable practices, reflect our commitment to a greener future for the events industry.

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Given the complexity of an event with over 200 exhibitors and numerous stakeholders, calculating the true environmental impact was a formidable challenge. However, our commitment to mitigating the carbon footprint of the 2024 show marks a significant milestone in our journey towards becoming net positive.

By collaborating with One Tribe, we conducted a thorough carbon assessment and implemented various climate action initiatives. This included the innovative “10,000 Tree Challenge,” which encouraged attendees to protect trees through networking. As a result, we successfully offset 386 tonnes of CO2 emissions and protected 10,000 trees. These efforts have positioned International Confex as a leader in event sustainability, demonstrating our dedication to environmental conservation and inspiring the wider industry to engage in similar initiatives.

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The event team worked alongside eventdecision to help understand the real impacts of mega events like International Confex and make the planning process more sustainable. We provided information on our exhibitors, the show floor and the building materials as well as information on the other partners we have been working with throughout the event cycle. How is the ESG report judged:

Sustainability: Confex 2024 implemented numerous eco-friendly initiatives, including waste reduction programs, energy-efficient practices, and sustainable sourcing of materials. These efforts significantly minimised the event’s carbon footprint and promoted environmental stewardship.

Social Responsibility: Prioritising inclusivity and diversity, ensuring attendees, exhibitors, and stakeholders felt welcomed and valued. Initiatives included accessible event design, diverse speaker panels, and support for underrepresented groups within the industry.

Governance: Adhering to the highest standards of ethical governance, including transparent reporting, stakeholder engagement, and compliance with industry regulations. The distinction reflects the dedication to maintaining integrity and accountability in all its operations.

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Once upon a time, we embarked on a journey. Not just any journey, but the journey to a net zero carbon exhibition. In what turned out to be a rather controversial move, the decision was made that International Confex 2023 would be bare floored, with carpet only in stands, theatres and feature areas.

For the 2024 event, Beechwood will be supplying Confex with 100% polypropylene which will be recycled post-show. After the show, carpet is sent back to various local depots, where it can be made into a huge variety of items from coat hangers to chairs thanks to its make up. 

Approx. 12 million square metres of event carpet are laid in the UK annually. Imagine if we could recycle every metre!

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you smart thing

Do you know the true carbon impact your daily journeys have on the environment? 

As part of the Confex journey to net zero, we want to raise awareness and take responsibility for attendee contributions to carbon. But first comes knowledge! You.Smart.Thing provides a personalised travel plan for each attendee offering them the fastest, and most sustainable route to International Confex.  You.Smart.Thing also joined Confex as our registration sponsor and will be returning as sponsor in 2025!

Create your personal travel plan today and find out the most sustainable way to get to us on 28-29 February 2024!

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Our chosen venue, ExCeL London is now a proudly certified carbon-neutral venue. ExCeL London uses exclusively renewable energy, swapped to eco-friendly LED light fittings and a visually impactful living plant wall home to 9,500 plants increasing biodiversity and oxygen production. 

Supporting the local community is also high on the agenda, from hosting Christmas events for Richard's House Hospice to weekly lunches for the homeless and those in need. ExCeL has pioneered in creating a well-rounded support system for the local community and the community.

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