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2025 Conference Themes

international confex 2023

Achieving outstanding sales performance requires modern and considerate strategies. Together, explore the latest trends in personalised selling approaches and the synergy between sales and marketing teams that can elevate your sales success.

Today's sales teams face a myriad of challenges, from navigating constant rejections to breaking through voicemail barriers. To thrive, it's essential to employ sophisticated strategies that keep prospects engaged and provide the insights needed to close deals effectively.

Face today's competitive marketplace with cutting-edge techniques and motivational strategies to push your sales performance to new heights.

Our industry is often seen as fun, rewarding, supportive, and inclusive, but do the actions and policies of leading names truly reflect these ideals? At Confex 2025, we aim to bridge the gap between perception and reality.

Explore trending topics such as inclusive design, effective messaging, and the transformation of workplace culture. Participate in thought-provoking discussions, discover innovative ideas, and learn practical solutions that can drive positive change in our industry's culture and practices. Understand how to integrate inclusive design principles, craft messaging that resonates with diverse audiences, and foster a workplace culture that truly values and supports all individuals.

The marketing toolkit has been revitalised with the widespread adoption of AI and social media. The potential of going viral and becoming a household name grows with every hashtag and post shared.

Discover innovative strategies and best practices for utilising AI, social media, influencer marketing, and content creation to amplify your event marketing efforts. Learn how to target and structure your campaigns effectively to grow your audience and make your events the talk of the town. Explore the power of online communities and brand activations in boosting engagement and driving event success.

Community engagement has become a cornerstone of successful events, fostering deeper connections and long-term loyalty.

Implement innovative strategies and best practices for building and nurturing vibrant communities around your events. Learn how to leverage social media, online networks, and partners to create a wave of promotion and an army of brand ambassadors. Explore the power of community-driven content, feedback loops, and inclusive activities to boost participation and satisfaction. Uncover how to turn attendees into advocates, driving ongoing support and success for your events.

Data is transforming the events industry, offering insights that can drive success and innovation.

Learn how to effectively use data to enhance your pre and post-event experiences. We’ll cover how to gather, analyse, and apply data through algorithms to create personalised experiences, optimise your marketing, and streamline registration processes. Discover how engagement and gamification technologies can boost participation and satisfaction. Take away relevant insight on the latest tech innovations aimed at making events greener and more sustainable.

Creating eco-friendly events is no longer a choice but a necessity.

Dive into practical ways to integrate sustainable materials into your event planning and discuss the importance of a green supply chain. Understand the journey towards net zero and uncover the truth about carbon-neutral claims. Our content will also guide you in building a comprehensive sustainability strategy that aligns with both your event goals and business values.

Share your experiences, learn from industry leaders, and collaborate on innovative ideas to prioritise the planet in every aspect of event planning.

Events thrive when the creative minds behind them have the right surroundings to explore and be challenged to think outside the box. The agenda is curated to provide you with knowledge of what is to come, delivered by industry figures and new faces that are growing their presence rapidly in the industry.

Large-scale exhibitions and events have become major drivers of growth in the business world, but how do we sustain and further that momentum? With new technologies, products, and companies emerging daily, all looking to revolutionize the way we plan events and collaborate as teams, this is the conversation to be a part of.

The landscape of exhibition management demands robust strategies for risk mitigation, compliance, and safety. Addressing these areas is crucial to hosting successful events.

Learn innovative techniques and best practices for conducting thorough risk assessments, implementing effective security measures, and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. Identify how to develop comprehensive emergency preparedness plans, from creating evacuation procedures to coordinating with local emergency services. Explore the importance of vendor and contractor management, infrastructure safety, data security, and health protocols to protect your attendees and staff.

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