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Exhibitor Videos

international confex 2023

  • Take a quick look at everything we do to help minimise our impact on the environment. And help you to reduce yours.
  • First Floor - Event spaces

    09 Feb 2023 Harrison Sutherland Brook
  • Meetings By Klarent

    08 Feb 2023 Helen Butler
  • Branded 360 Booth

    08 Feb 2023 Philip Atkinson
    If you are looking for positive feedback from your event entertainment a 360 booth is a winner.  Guests leave the 360 rig laughing and smilling!
  • Hilton for the stay

    30 Jan 2023 Katie Mills
  • Ungerboeck is now Momentus Technologies

    30 Jan 2023 Laurie McGrath
  • Momentus Technologies

    30 Jan 2023
  • South Western Railway Business Direct

    25 Jan 2023 Joe Thurgood
  • Ramside Estates

    25 Jan 2023 Ramside Hall Hotel
  • St George's Park

    23 Jan 2023 Andrew Hibbert
    Home to all England national football teams and England Football Learning.
  • Outdoor Leadership Centre

    23 Jan 2023 Andrew Hibbert
    A unique setting for developing high performing teams and leaders. Bring learning to life, outside the classroom.