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Exhibitor Videos

international confex 2023

  • It's an AI Photobooth matey! You've not seen something like this before, I can assure you!
  • Event Industry Insight App Broadcast

    24 Nov 2023 The Power of Events
    This broadcast was streamed live from Ministry Venues Borough on 24th November 2023 and discusses the brand new Event Industry Insight App as well as The Power of Events at large. 
  • Chateauform

    14 Nov 2023
    Dicover Chateauform, the home of business meetings and seminars
  • Exclusive Collection

    03 Nov 2023 ARE
    An insight to our hotels and estates and how B Corp is central to our events and business expriences.  
  • melia Video

    27 Oct 2023 Melia
  • melia Video

    27 Oct 2023 Melia
  • melia Video

    27 Oct 2023 Melia
  • Edgbaston Events | Black Talent Awards

    26 Sep 2023 Edgbaston Stadium
    Edgbaston Stadium is the ultimate banqueting venue to add a touch of glamour and prestige to any dinner/dance, charity fundraiser, birthday, bar mitzvah or awards ceremony. Take a look at one of our f ...
  • Find out more about the fantastic initiatives in place at Edgbaston to help drive good sustainable practices as Edgbaston work toward carbon neutral events by 2030.
  • What does the future of events look like?
  • StudioPOP - your POPup broadcast studio

    30 May 2023 Kieron Garlic
    One way to generate more value from your live events...
  • Our large venue spaces at Edgbaston provide an adaptable backdrop for a memorable event. The blank canvas spaces available, offer the flexibility required to execute your vision for your exhibition.  ...