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2024 Conference Themes

international confex 2023

The topic of event tech is never the same from year to year as events are never the same from year to year. As client expectations grow, data becomes more valuable and the user journey demands a more streamlined process where do event profs look for what will meet their needs in an easy-to-adopt way?

With AI changing the once-familiar internet and virtual events still claiming a huge footing in the industry we delve into the world of event tech with a diverse and equipped line up of speakers.

Sales teams today face increasing challenges in navigating the sea of rejections and voicemail greetings that can halt effective communication. To succeed in sales, you need sophisticated strategies to keep prospects engaged and gather the information necessary to close the deal. At Confex 2024 you'll hear from industry experts who are driving sales trends and learn from real-world case studies that can help you evaluate and enhance your sales team's approach. Discover strategies and techniques that will empower the push forward and achieve new levels of success in today's competitive marketplace.

While our industry may be presented as fun, rewarding, supportive, and inclusive, do the actions and policies of industry-leading names truly reflect these ideals?

In partnership with Diversity Alliance, the People & Culture Theatre will delve into the significance of having a diverse workforce and examine where our industry needs to focus its efforts to evolve and meet the needs of those who have not always been provided with a platform to be heard. Explore thought-provoking discussions, innovative ideas, and practical solutions that can drive positive change in our industry's culture and practices, and create a more inclusive and equitable environment for all.

The marketing toolkit has been revitalized with the widespread adoption of AI and social media. The potential of going viral and becoming a household name grows with every hashtag and post shared. 

Discover innovative strategies and best practices for utilizing AI and social media to amplify your event marketing efforts. Learn how to target and structure your campaigns effectively to see your audiences grow and your events become the talk of the town. Explore the power of online communities and platforms in fostering validation and support for communities, and find out how to harness their potential to boost engagement and drive event success.

The impact of events is a recurring topic across industries, and it's crucial to assess our successes, pitfalls, and unexplored opportunities. Are you aware of the true impact your events create, and do your teams have the tools to acknowledge and address the necessary changes?

Take a seat at the Sustainability Theatre, where we will explore the latest software solutions that can help you track the environmental cost of hosting events, as well as the changing attitudes of organisers and delegates. Engage in vital conversations with industry experts, share best practices, and gain insights into the latest trends and strategies for sustainable event planning. Together, let's drive positive change and shape the future of sustainable events for all sizes.

With an association comes the expectation of maintaining, growing and serving the community you represent. It's rare to find an event prof that doesn't have a packed calendar so your events need to be worth their time and pack a punch. 

Confex 2024 will be your opportunity to hear from leading associations on how they attack the unique set of challenges they face and ensure they deliver on the membership value. 

Composed of case studies and progressive panels there will be huge takeaways and opportunities to get involved in the sessions for all theatre attendees. 

Events thrive when the creative minds behind them have the right surroundings to explore and be challenged to think outside the box. The agenda is curated to provide you with knowledge of what is to come, delivered by industry figures and new faces that are growing their presence rapidly in the industry.

Large-scale exhibitions and events have become major drivers of growth in the business world, but how do we sustain and further that momentum? With new technologies, products, and companies emerging daily, all looking to revolutionize the way we plan events and collaborate as teams, this is the conversation to be a part of.

In the post-pandemic world, attendees demand personalized experiences that cater to their needs and leave them feeling wowed. This is particularly true for in-house corporate event planners who are tasked with creating events that exceed expectations and deliver maximum ROI.

To help you create immersive and engaging experiences for your delegates, the sessions will provide new insights into the best strategies and techniques for event planning. Whether you're organizing a large-scale event or a small gathering, our speakers will share their expertise on how to create events that check every box and leave a lasting impact on attendees.

We want our programme to remain a central resource for event profs and ensure you leave Confex 2024 armed with fresh knowledge and innovative ideas. 

Have we missed any topics you would like to hear? Then let us know!



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