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international confex 2023

Tashika-Jade Udi-Thomas

Tashika-Jade Udi-Thomas

Operations Manager, William Reed Ltd

I’m an events enthusiast with a wealth of experience which spans over 9 years in the industry. My journey has woven through a mix of diverse departments from sales through to marketing and operations, granting me a comprehensive 360-degree understanding of the event organising process from conception right through to delivery and breakdown.
Currently, I proudly serve as an Operations Manager at William Reed, orchestrating seamless conferences, awards ceremonies, summits, and networking events. My expertise extends across large-scale B2B and B2C events, both nationally and globally. Each project has been a chapter in a story that continually ignites my passion for the vibrant world of events. Join me as I share insights drawn from years of hands-on experience, blending operational finesse with an enduring love for crafting unforgettable event experiences.



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