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Stuart Mitchell

Stuart Mitchell

Managing Director, Catch the MICE Limited

Stuart Mitchell, at the heart of Catch the MICE, brings a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for the events sector. His journey through the industry is marked by significant roles at some of the UK's most celebrated venues, including the Oval Cricket Ground, Wembley Stadium, and G-Mex. These positions have not just been jobs for Stuart; they have been opportunities to learn, to grow, and to contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the event world.

In his current role as Managing Director at Catch the MICE, Stuart combines his operational know-how with a keen eye for innovation, particularly in the realms of hotel, venue, and event technology representation. His approach is characterised by a hands-on, collaborative spirit, and a dedication to finding the best solutions for his clients and partners. As a professional introducer and event technology expert, Stuart is always eager to share his knowledge and to help others navigate the complexities of the industry.

Beyond his technical skills, Stuart's true strength lies in his ability to connect with people. His creation of the MICEClub network is a reflection of his belief in the power of community. This network isn't just a professional asset; it's a testament to Stuart's role as a trusted colleague and friend to many in the event sector, both in the UK and internationally. Humble yet highly respected, Stuart's contributions to the industry are driven by a genuine commitment to making a difference and supporting the growth and success of the events community.



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