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Stephan Murtagh The Exhibition Guy

Stephan Murtagh The Exhibition Guy

Director, The Exhibition Guy Group

Passion comes in many guises and for me my real passion is Exhibitions…being a part of an Organisers or Exhibitors Success…28 Years later and I am as passionate today as I was in the beginning. Having walked thousands and thousands of miles of Exhibition halls to really understand what it takes to be succesful in Exhibiting is what drives me every day…

From working with great clients, publishing books on Amazon and hosting podcasts globally about my sector….Exhibitions are more than that to me. They are part of my DNA.

--> 28+ Years Experience in Exhibitions
--> Published Author Amazon - Exhibiting at Shows, The FlipChart Business Book
--> Qualified Trainer
--> Founding Member of The Exhibition Think Tank Globally
--> Trainer Entrepreneurs Academy & Professional Training Centre
--> Member of IEOA - Irish Exhibition Organisers Association
--> Shortlisted 2019 & 2020 in the Exhibition News Awards UK
--> Member of Dublin Chamber of Commerce