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Simeon Wicks

Simeon Wicks

Managing Director, Tecna UK

Tecna UK was founded in 2007 after Managing Director, Simeon Wicks, obtained the sole rights to the T3 modular display system within the UK and Ireland. He had first come across T3 when he worked with its eccentric inventor, Jonathan Evitt. Jonathan Evitt also is the person who designed the Crystal Maze Geodesic dome, and invented the hugely successful IsoFrame system.

Impressed with its innovative design and versatility, and with a commitment to help create a more sustainable exhibition industry even then, coupled with his vast experience in the exhibition booth industry, he recognised the system as an opportunity to push display stands in an exciting new direction: “T3 showed great potential, and I knew instantly that we had something here that could revolutionise the industry and allow the opportunity to reuse, recycle and reimagine customers exhibition stands in a way we hadnt been able to before”.

Headquartered in Simeon’s bedroom, the next two years involved hours of tireless work, spreading the word of Tecna UK and T3; sending out product samples to potential clients. There were also plenty of sleepless nights spent ensuring that Tecna UK kept to its 24-hour turnaround promise – one that we still keep today that has helped us to become one of the UK's leading modular exhibition stand providers and so much more.


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