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Orla Pearson

Orla Pearson

Director and Co-Founder, MyClearText and AccessLOOP

With over 25 years of experience as a captioner and speech-to-text provider, Orla Pearson has made a mark in transforming accessibility within the media and events sectors. Her journey from courtrooms to broadcast captioning reflects an unwavering commitment to making information accessible to all.
During her tenure as an Assistant Producer at the BBC, Orla played a pivotal role in achieving 100% live subtitled programming, encompassing a diverse range of content, from comedy and drama to game shows, music festivals, and sports coverage. Her expertise in developing protocols for successful captioning catered to the unique needs of different programs and audiences.
Driven by her vision for a more inclusive future, Orla delved into freelance work within the events and direct-to-client market. This experience unveiled a critical need in the industry - a company that not only provided top-quality live real-time captions for large events and virtual platforms but also offered expert guidance and technical support to clients and their partners.
Motivated by this revelation, Orla founded MyClearText Ltd, a pioneering organisation specialising in delivering unparalleled live captioning services with unwavering technical expertise and support. From grand global events like the Queen's Funeral and the Coronation to Lord's Cricket Ground test matches, MyClearText has thrived on delivering live captions on screens around the world for countless events every year.
With a focus on mainstreaming accessibility, Orla has taken the lead in championing this cause. Chairing and appearing on numerous panels as an accessibility expert, she has been instrumental in encouraging and challenging the events industry to embrace accessibility as an integral part of every event.
Beyond her accomplishments with MyClearText, Orla's passion for accessibility led her to co-found AccessLOOP, an award-winning platform simplifying the integration of captions and sign language into livestreamed events. This groundbreaking initiative is breaking down barriers and making accessibility a seamless part of the livestreaming experience.
Her unwavering dedication to making events inclusive for all has also driven the establishment of "Accessible All Areas," dynamic and interactive workshops aimed at educating and empowering events professionals, production staff, exhibitions, and venues on creating accessible environments.
Orla Pearson's transformative journey has set new industry standards for accessibility, impacting the lives of countless individuals. With a visionary outlook and relentless determination, she continues to pave the way for an inclusive and accessible future in the digital age.



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