international confex 2023

Lucy Eden

Lucy Eden

Founder, Be In Your Element

Hi, my name is Lucy and I am an events and wellness warrior.

Delivering live events runs through my veins, with over 13 years experience of running small to festival crowd sized events (and anything you can think of in-between) Creating memorable experiences no matter how big or small they are, it is my passion to create a day to remember!

Now, how about if we could create these amazing social experiences to fondly remember by our minds and our soul too! Our well-being is the most important thing we own and more importantly control, if we were to give our minds, body and soul what they need, just think what could be achieved!

By fusing the two together in a personable, professional, holistic, safe and fun way, the possibilities are endless.

I am a mental health first aider who prides herself in supporting others look after their mental health as well as their physical health. If both are happy, a much more productive, creative and happy community can be created in the workplace.

Be In Your Element was born from a passion for well-being in the workplace, creating team building events that include everyone and provide a chance to discover. A chance to ignite inspiration, to calm the mind and enjoy new, fun experiences without pressure, fear or bias.

Providing service with soul.