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international confex 2023

Laura Capell-Abra

Laura Capell-Abra

Founder, Stress Matters

Having worked in the creative sector for the majority of her career, Laura's approach to looking after team members in the events and hospitality industries comes from first hand knowledge.

In 2016, she founded coaching and development company No More Ifs Or Buts with the intention of bringing the benefits of coaching to everyone, not just senior executives. Working with apprentices, through to C-Suite, Laura and her team use their unique Don't Just Be methodology and The BE:DO Approach to support on team discovery and development.

Laura then went on to build B Corp Certified Stress Matters, a workplace wellbeing organisation focused on changing the cultural approach to workplace wellbeing. Accredited by industry bodies such as Mental Health First Aid England and the International Stress Management Association, the team also works with event industry partners to spread the word of keeping teams psychologically safe.