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Jonathon Monk

Jonathon Monk

Head of Attendee Growth Services, ASP
United Kingdom

Jon Monk is an authoritative voice in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), particularly distinguished for his expertise in boosting the online visibility and performance of event websites.

As the Head of Attendee Growth Services at ASP — a front-runner in creating websites for events — Jon is uniquely positioned to tackle the specific challenges event organisers face in today's digital ecosystem.

Having embarked on his SEO journey in 2010, Jon's depth of experience is matched by a robust track record of success. His role at ASP, which he assumed in January 2022, centres on elevating event websites through strategic enhancements in technical SEO, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and the deployment of targeted data insights. These efforts are tailored to the events sector, ensuring clients not only achieve top Google rankings but also see a tangible increase in attendee numbers and engagement.

Jon's approach is deeply analytical yet practical, focusing on overcoming the unique obstacles event websites encounter. By delivering bespoke SEO solutions and empowering clients with specialised training, he has been pivotal in refining ASP's platform to support event-specific SEO strategies.

In addition to his professional achievements, Jon is the owner of, an FCA-regulated site, underlining his broad commercial expertise and hands-on management skills.

Jon is not only contributing his vast knowledge to ASP's success but is also set to share his insights at the upcoming International Confex. His talk, "How to Make Your Event Website SEO Good – The Ultimate Guide," promises to be an invaluable resource for event organisers looking to navigate the complexities of SEO.

Attendees can expect to learn practical, effective strategies for improving their event websites' search engine rankings, drawing from Jon's extensive experience and proven track record in the industry.

For those in the events industry seeking to enhance their online presence and drive meaningful growth, Jon Monk offers a compelling blend of expertise, innovative solutions, and actionable guidance.

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