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Isaac Harvey

Isaac Harvey

Video editor / President of Wheels and Wheelchairs, Wheels and Wheelchairs

Born and raised in East London with a disability called limb pelvic hypo aplasia which in short means no arms and short legs. Even with this disability it has not stopped me from achieving things such skiing, skydiving, tall ship sailing and much more. For the past ten years I have used my feet to use the computer to edit videos, answer emails and be able to communicate to the wider world.

Throughout the years I have been a mentor and facilitator for people with disabilities, I have become an ambassador for a few charities, won countless awards for the things that I have been able to achieve and becoming a president of an organisation called Wheels and Wheelchairs which is a group of roller skaters pushing wheelchair users.

Friends and family have supported to always be the best version of myself and never discouraging. This has helped me overcome many obstacles in life. The only obstacle which was in the way was having to deal with mental health. Had to reach a very low point in life to take a step back and learn about the human mind and why it's so important to be honest with others and most importantly myself.

I personally don't exactly see myself as a leader or an inspiration, but many people do see me as one and that is something I have definitely accepted overtime. At the end of the day I am just continuing to be the best version of myself and share the positives and negatives of it which in turn I hope inspires (or opens up) at least one person. Because I am not here to change the world, I'm here to change people's worlds.