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Dominic Compagnone

Dominic Compagnone

Founder, Streeem

Dominic founded Streeem in September 2018. Unique in the industry, they are the UKs first iPhone only multi-camera live stream production company and, in the last 3 years have delivered events for globally known clients and small-businesses alike.

Coming into the first lockdown in 2020, Dominic assisted other colleagues from the industry with the transition to virtual events by providing more than 150 hours of free consultancy specifically looking at virtual event technology, platform selection and how to engage a virtual audience.

It was during the same period that he and Neil Thompson from The Delegate Wranglers, decided to start producing a regular live show for the Facebook community Neil has built and DW Live was born. Initially thinking they may get 10 or 12 shows done before the world came back to normal, the show continued and their spot on the stage at Confex sees the start of season 4 of the show with more than 60 shows streamed and available for watching on youTube - all produced by Streeem.

Throughout, Streeem continued to produce virtual events and, to date, have delivered more than 1,500 hours of virtual event content in almost every time zone and to almost all of the big platforms - and some of the smaller ones too!

For the last few months, Streeem have been working on a number of hybrid events, advising clients on the best way to deliver an experience that suits both virtual and live audiences and are actively working on a range of projects including small fire-side chats and intimate small-audience events through to 1,400 person awards shows - and for each event that has any element of live and that requires live-streaming, they continue to use iPhones - staying true to the core technology Dominic started the company using and staying true to their core values of being truly affordable and highly portable.

Dominic’s built a business, a team and a reputation that continues to attract new clients in the UK and abroad almost exclusively through referral and recommendation and is always open to discussing event ideas or advising on technology, platforms and engagement.


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