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Celia Gaze

Celia Gaze

Founder and CEO, The Wellbeing Farm

Celia Gaze, made a name for herself putting bow ties on llamas after hitting burnout in a high powered NHS job and experiencing the very real debilitating impact of stress. Quitting her high-pressured job, found the answer to her future staring back at her, in a rundown farm owned by her partner.

Celia decided to dedicate her time to bringing this farm back to life. This was a real Back to Basic Challenge in more ways than one. She had a BIG vision. Harnessing nature and using the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ to design and build a venue focused on wellbeing. The result was The Wellbeing Farm.

This passion project saw her in court, nearly bankrupt and once again experiencing high levels of stress. She’d walked in blindly to a project and found herself out of depth. Then inspiration came. She put a bow tie on a llama and transformed the venue into an award-winning wedding venue.

Celia is still driven by her deep beliefs in nature, sustainability and wellbeing. During lockdown Celia created Wellbeing Corporate, offering events space and team building days to corporates keen to look after their staff. In 2022, The Wellbeing Farm became one of the first hospitality businesses in the UK to become a B Corp. She is also an Ambassador for the Good Business Charter.

Celia’s book ‘Why Put a Bow Tie on a Llama? How a crazy idea can change your life and transform your business’, is an honest and highly practical guide to starting your own business, recovering from work-related burnout and bouncing back from failure.

Bursting with down-to-earth, straight-talking advice and Celia’s passionate guidance on self-care, it is an inspirational and invaluable read for anyone looking to transform their business or even start their own.

Celia’s book was a finalist in the business journey category of the Business Book Awards 2021. Celia has been listed amongst some amazing business stories including Rob Law, MBE who founded the Trunki and Rob Angel who created Pictionary the bestselling board game.



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