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international confex 2023

Brandon Twyman

Brandon Twyman

Group HR Director, Messe Frankfurt Middle East GmbH

As an accomplished Human Resources Director with 17 years of dedicated experience, Brandon Twyman brings a wealth of expertise in driving organizational success through strategic HR initiatives. With a background in Cognitive Behavior and Human Development, Brandon provides a unique perspective, blending psychological insights with practical HR strategies to create meaningful impact.

Over the course of his career, Brandon Twyman has collaborated with a diverse range of entities, including world governments, international law enforcement agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. This breadth of experience has equipped him with a nuanced understanding of the intricate HR dynamics across different sectors. At the core of his approach lies a strategic focus on driving HR initiatives that foster organizational growth and success. Brandon Twyman is adept at crafting and implementing HR strategies that align with broader business objectives while nurturing a culture of accountability and high performance.

In his current role as Group Human Resources Director with Messe Frankfurt, Brandon Twyman leverages his multifaceted background, strategic vision, and commitment to cultivating thriving organizational cultures to drive HR excellence and organizational success.



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