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international confex 2023

Bev Hancock

Mrs Bev Hancock

Speaker & Strategic Facilitator, Hancock & Campbell Ltd

Bev is a specialist in conversational leadership, As a global speaker, strategic facilitator and engagement specialist, she draws on the African philosophy of Ubuntu which focuses on a human-centric, "Both/And" approach to communication to help leaders promote healthy dialogue and success strategies. With master's degrees in business and executive coaching, Bev helps leaders build trust, engagement, and results through their leadership dialogue on stage, at work and online. Her transformative purpose is to bring these skills to the world to create a successful future one conversation at a time.

The future of conferencing is changing the role of delegates from passive spectators to active participants. Through our "Fuel, Ignite, Accelerate" approach, we provide an interactive event experience that engages everyone. We use interactive engagement technology, to ensure that all voices are heard - not just the extrovert, I will help you answer the "So What?" question and extract value from the event for your organization.