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international confex 2023

Abena Fairweather

Abena Fairweather

Managing Director, Legacy Events

Abena is the Founder and Managing Director of Legacy Events, a certified B Corp events agency and Legacy Marketplace, a unique online platform which helps event planners find truly sustainable suppliers for events in one place.

After over 15 years of striving to drive sustainable change with corporate clients, Abena was struck by the disconnect in 2016 – why didn’t the events she was involved with reflect the purposeful values of the organisation? Knowing events have profound power to shape community consciousness, Abena founded Legacy to bridge this gap. Beyond organising events for clients, she supports event professionals to embed sustainability into any event’s DNA through training, workshops, audits and bespoke advice. Through Legacy Marketplace, she aims to reimagine the event supply chain, offering sustainable options for venues, products, services and merchandise.

Abena has contributed extensively to publications, blogs and lectures, establishing herself as a thought leader in the sector. A Chartered Scientist with 20+ years in sustainability and leadership, Abena has grown Legacy into an award-winning agency, including the Conference News’ award for CSR and the Conference Awards Silver award for Sustainability. A Chartered Scientist with over 20 years experience of working in sustainability, Abena’s expertise encompasses carbon reduction, material use and social sustainability, with a focus on positive community impact. When not obsessing about making events better, she can be found cycling in the countryside with her friends and family.



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