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19 Feb 2024

How Zoho Backstage helped Changemaker20 break world records

How Zoho Backstage helped Changemaker20 break world records

Imagine 137 nations united in a single digital dialogue, shattering world records for virtual engagement. This wasn't just a conference; it was a global movement - the Changemaker20 Summit. Held in August 2023, it served as a platform for young people from every corner of the world to come together, share their dreams, and ignite positive change. This ambitious dream, fueled by Dr. Amit Tuteja, founder of the Connecting Dreams Foundation, became a remarkable reality.

This online event aimed to ignite global change-making, and its success wasn't just a tribute to the foundation's vision, but a story of conquering challenges with the support of Zoho Backstage, a comprehensive event management platform designed to streamline everything from website creation and ticketing to attendee engagement and data analysis.

Global Change, Record-Shattering Success:

  • Maximum Countries Participated: 137 nations, showcasing the event's remarkable global reach.
  • Longest Online Summit: Clocking in at a staggering 122 hours, the summit redefined the limits of virtual engagement, offering a marathon of inspiring talks, workshops, and networking opportunities.
  • Maximum Speakers: 760 diverse voices shared their expertise including stalwarts like Ah Maftuchan, C20 Sherpa Indonesia; Athayde Motta from Brazil; Ela Ionescu of UN Women; Fiona Mcrath from Bezos Earth Fund; Padma Shri Manjamma Jogathiand and the Padmavibhushan Sh Dr. D V Veerendra Hegde from Dharmasthala, among many others.

These unprecedented achievements weren't simply a happy accident. They were the result of meticulous planning, unwavering dedication, and the strategic use of Zoho Backstage. The platform's user-friendly interface, robust ticketing system, and virtual event hosting solution became a big part of the summit's success.

A Global Vision Takes Shape with Zoho Backstage

India's G20 presidency in 2022 entrusted the Connecting Dreams Foundation with the crucial role of national coordinator for the C20 engagement group. Dr. Tuteja envisioned a global dialogue – an online event defying borders and limitations. Yet, organizing such a colossal digital gathering - Changemaker20 - posed substantial challenges for the small, dedicated team. From ensuring user-friendliness and speaker integration to keeping participants engaged and navigating the complexities of virtual platforms, the odds seemed daunting.

Enter Zoho Backstage. After evaluating 11 platforms, it stood out as the reliable, user-friendly, and affordable event management solution they needed. But what truly resonated was Zoho Backstage's exceptional customer service – a crucial lifeline for a small team facing big ambitions.

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Zoho Backstage: Key Features Fueling Changemaker20's Success

  • Diverse Participation with Robust Ticketing: Zoho Backstage's flexible ticketing system allowed the foundation to cater to various preferences, ensuring accessibility for all.
  • Customization for a Global Stage: Recognizing Changemaker20's unexpected surge in popularity, Zoho Backstage proved its agility. They readily customized features, notably boosting the speaker limit from 400 to 1000. This flexibility eased the Changemaker20 team's pressure and contributed to the event's seamless execution.
  • 'On-Air' Platform: Zoho Backstage's OnAir, a dedicated virtual event hosting platform, became the bedrock of the summit. It flawlessly powered all 122 hours of sessions, offering a user-friendly interface for both participants and speakers. The platform's stability was instrumental in achieving the record-breaking milestones.

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About theConnecting Dreams Foundation

Since 2013, the Connecting Dreams Foundation has empowered young changemakers worldwide to drive sustainable development. Their impact is undeniable – over 1.8 million lives touched directly through the tireless efforts of 20,000 changemakers across 35 countries.

Dedication to Future Collaborations

Zoho Backstage is unwavering in its commitment to supporting organizations like the Connecting Dreams Foundation. They envision a future where their partnership supports impactful events that bring people together to fuel positive change and turn ideas into action.

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