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02 Dec 2020

The Grimaldi Forum obtains its 5th ISO 14001 certification!

The Grimaldi Forum obtains its 5th ISO 14001 certification!
Certified for the first time in 2008, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco was one of the very first European convention centres at the time to obtain the precious certification. Twelve years later, and a long road travelled, the Principality’s Centre de Congrès et de Culture just successfully passed the 5th annual environmental audit in its history with flying colours. All lights are green! With the fundamental objective since 2008 unchanged – to reduce the impact of the building maintenance and events activity taking place there that has an impact on the environment, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco is constantly optimising its environmental management system. This is based on continuous improvement, focusing on optimised and sustainable water management, energy management, the sorting and recycling of its waste, an ecologically responsible purchasing policy, good risk management and active communications.  For Sylvie Biancheri, Managing Director of the GFM, “Every audit enables us to go even further and this one, which covers the period 2017-2020, is confirmation that the Grimaldi Forum is more efficient than ever, despite years of constant growth with absolutely record-breaking activity in 2018 and 2019, and despite the health crisis and the slowdown in event activity which is disrupting 2020”.

This audit recognised several notable achievements:
- All the critical indicators in the area of the environment have improved further still (water, electricity, sorting of waste, paper consumption, etc.);
- The policy of innovation has remained intact with more new initiatives than ever (dedicated resources to facilitate sorting during events, hybrid events mixing face-to-face and distance learning, etc.);
- The maintenance of investments aimed at limiting the impact the GFM has on its environment (screw-cooler unit, LEDs, reinforcing the environmental team, etc.);
- The inauguration in 2019 of the first large and efficient urban solar power plant in the Principality. It is operated by SMEG – as part of a contract with the GFM allowing the latter to consume 100% green energy;
- The continuation of essential maintenance operations and regulatory monitoring with regard to hot and cold fluids, with additional disinfection in 2020;
- The continuation of training and implementation of performance monitoring indicators with regard to communications with respect to the environment.

Since its first certification in 2008, the Grimaldi Forum, which has established its green policy as a strong link in its corporate strategy, has succeeded in improving its energy efficiency by 35%, multiplying its waste sorting rate by 2.5, and nearly halving its water consumption per visitor. As an agent of change, the Grimaldi Forum is committed to and actively participates in the National Energy Transition Pact which it has adhered to since 2018.

The next ISO 14001 re-certification is scheduled for the end of October 2023.

Ratio of improvement in electricity consumption in relation to space occupied.


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