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international confex 2023

19 Jan 2023

Sustainability At International Confex

Sustainability At International Confex

International Confex is returning on 1-2 March 2023 for its 40th year with a strong focus on promoting and encouraging sustainability within the events industry.

The Confex partnership with IDC Wristbands will provide bamboo recyclable lanyards for event attendees. Bamboo is a highly sustainable material as it is a fast-growing and renewable resource that requires minimal water and pesticides to grow. Not only is it sustainable to grow and harvest, by nature it is biodegradable and won’t contribute to the accumulation of waste in landfill. The use of bamboo lanyards at International Confex is a small but impactful step towards reducing the environmental footprint of the event and promoting greener practices within the industry. IDC will be providing the show with recycling stations at the entrance and exit of the show to ensure lanyards will be recycled by attendees.

Event carpeting is often a source of unnecessary waste as it cannot be recycled, which means more is ending up in landfill post-event. As Confex aims to take a leap toward reducing its environmental impact, you may notice the carpet (or lack of) as you walk around the show. We are taking measures to ensure that the carpet we do have is being recycled through sustainability partner Event Cycle who have made it possible to turn event materials into valuable donations.

ExCeL London is a popular venue choice for exhibitions and large-scale events like Confex due to its commitment to sustainability. The venue has implemented a variety of measures to reduce its environmental impact and promote sustainable practices. These include recycling and waste management programs, energy-efficient lighting and heating systems, and a focus on using locally sourced, sustainable materials. With a dedicated sustainability team working to minimize the environmental impact of events held at the venue and to educate visitors and exhibitors about sustainable practices. ExCeL’s commitment to sustainability is a major factor in its popularity, allowing organizers to host their events in a facility that aligns with their values and supports their efforts.

By partnering with event:decision in 2023, we aim to educate exhibitors on the environmental impact of participating in the show. Through the Exhibition Stand Sustainability Assessment, exhibitors will be able to register and receive a report that helps them better understand the emissions associated with the materials used to build their stands, the crewing process and staffing for the duration of the event. This allows everyone involved to make informed decisions about their chosen materials and the practices they employ. This partnership between International Confex and Event Decision is a great example of how the events industry can work together to create benchmarks and improvements for future events. Event:decision will be providing a report to the Confex team on the overall footprint of the 2023 show.

With excellent transport links (hats off to the Elizabeth Line) Confex promotes the quickest and lowest carbon route to attendees once registering through 2023 registration partner You.Smart.Thing. During registration, you may notice there is an option to create a personalised travel plan, this is where you can find out what the best route to the event from your starting location. You are also given the option to make a small donation to ecolibrium to offset any carbon created by your journey to the show.


International Confex 2023 partnerships reflect the commitment and effort to set an example for the events industry. With a dedicated theatre focused on sustainability, there will be a variety of engaging and informative talks taking place at the show. The event is an opportunity to explore the latest trends, best practices, and technologies in sustainable events, and take away valuable insights and inspiration for your own event planning.

Register to attend and be where the events industry meets on 1- March 2023.

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