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19 Feb 2024

Revolutionizing Event Spaces: The Magic of Paper Lounge's Eco-Friendly Furniture

Revolutionizing Event Spaces: The Magic of Paper Lounge's Eco-Friendly Furniture

Paper display furniture is ... unexpected and Magical. It’s most certainly memorable. What a joy for any event team to be able to work with something, that’s truly different to the event furniture they usually must work with. And then there’s the impact on the visitors. They’re always blown away!

The list of attributes that make Paper Lounge ‘paper’ display furniture such an ideal event tool is long. Consider these just to begin with: cost effective in the extreme, it takes literally minutes, like 2 or 3 to assemble each piece (really!), fold away, or move. It always (see the photos!?) looks stunning. It’s unexpectedly durable and is suitable for re-use many times. It’s modular, you can build all sorts of display structures with it, or create theatre, café, home, park, office, and resort lifestyle scenes anywhere and everywhere. It’s inexpensive to buy, transport and store.

Paper Lounge furniture for events is ready-made and can be used based on available space, so can any furniture you say; yes, but nowhere near as fast and easily as this. Dependent on how you dress each piece, your event can be given a modern, classic, retro, or futuristic look. All these styles can be created using the same simple pieces.

Event space is often at a premium, in terms of availability and value. Choosing the right shape item from the Paper Lounge collection will support you in making the most of an entire event room, space or hall. It’s possible to tuck

smaller pieces into any corner. In larger spaces, bigger Paper Lounge Furniture designs will fill the space stylishly and efficiently.

It’s often important at an event to allow and maintain focus on a specific object, activity, area or image. Stunning as it is, Paper Lounge Furniture is purpose made to blend. It can be used to stand out of course, but it can also be used to direct the viewer simply and quietly to ‘see’ only what it is supporting. Pastel or Cardboard colours in particular allow any Paper Lounge Furniture piece to be beautiful and yet invisible. It never detracts from its ‘starring partner’.

Paper Lounge is a wide range of stunning, sustainably designed paper furniture. It’s robust, versatile, quickly & easily folded-away and cheap to store when not in use. This truly is innovation and a brand new design concept flat-pack Event Furniture.

The full range includes, chairs, sofa benches, bench seats, coffee tables, display tables, walls, stools and unique display plinths & gondolas. All of these options are available in a variety of colours ... one of which will match, or lead, your chosen design theme. Paper Lounge Furniture supports those wanting to make a positive contribution to the environment without making compromises in your event style, comfort or visual impact. Each piece is inspiring, and yet without sacrificing any functionality. Every Paper Lounge Furniture item is a beautifully made and sustainable Kraft paper product. The unique “honeycomb” design makes our stools, tables, display units, chairs, benches walls and more, a talking point at your event. Creating many Instagram Moments for visitors and participants alike.

Imagine being able to create and build stunning event spaces that cause heads to turn and passers-by to linger.

Imagine, having a unique look at your event, an unexpected talking point that people will remember for a long time. What more does an event organiser want from Furniture!?

Contact Paper Lounge today to learn more about furnishing your event with elegant, eco-friendly paper furniture.

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