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international confex 2023

11 Aug 2023

Revolutionising Event Experiences: How Shocklogic Transformed EVF's Annual Meeting with Innovative Technology

Shocklogic Stand: E12C
Revolutionising Event Experiences: How Shocklogic Transformed EVF's Annual Meeting with Innovative Technology

Shocklogic recently partnered with the European Venous Forum (EVF) for their annual meeting in Berlin, Germany, held from 22nd to 24th June 2023.

Renowned for their impeccable event support, Shocklogic empowered EVF's event organisers while prioritising attendee engagement. As a respected family-run business,
Shocklogic prides itself on having an international clientele, including prominent global organisations. Founded in Lyon, France, in 2000, EVF aims to advance education, scientific research, and clinical expertise in venous disease. Collaborating closely with Shocklogic, EVF tailored an innovative solution, delivering a mobile app and portable abstract digital book that catered to delegate requirements.


Since 2017, Shocklogic has partnered with EVF. This year, in conjunction with the German Society of Phlebology and Lymphology, they united global medical professionals to explore advancements in phlebology and lymphology. Their collaboration yielded a user-centric mobile app and a portable abstract digital book.


Ensuring a seamless delegate experience, facilitating constant updates, interactions, and education.

Innovations and Solutions: 

The bespoke mobile app provided immersive sponsor interactions, real-time engagement, chat features, and a comprehensive ePosters program. Delegates ranked video ePosters,
with the top 9 presenting abstracts in person. Additionally, an industry partners section enhanced sponsor visibility. Shocklogic efficiently managed abstracts and delivered a user-friendly digital book for delegates' convenience.


The EVF Meeting facilitated knowledge enrichment and expert networking, embodying EVF’s dedication to venous disease excellence. The seamless integration of the app and digital book garnered mutual satisfaction. Out of 433 participants, the app secured 257 downloads (almost 60%) and garnered rave reviews for its intuitive design. The 3-day event also showcased 104 abstracts, 34 ePosters, and 28 speakers.

Delegate Feedback: 

We received excellent feedback from the delegates. EVF mentioned, “Everyone loved the app - they found it very intuitive, user-friendly, and the attendees could easily use it.”

Continuing the Legacy:

Following their successful collaboration, Shocklogic forges ahead, integrating a virtual platform into EVF’s HOW workshop. This prototype promises an immersive, streamlined experience, adding to the legacy of impactful innovation and collaboration between Shocklogic and EVF.

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