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18 Oct 2022

The Power of a Network

The Power of a Network

Michelle Rees and Kate Bullard, directors, Eventprofslive, discuss the value of a network of eventsprofs.

Eventprofslive is a network for corporate event managers and one of its many strengths is the sharing of information within that network. Our private members WhatsApp chat, along with our password-protected members area of the website, means when it comes to venue finding, as a member of our network, you have
some pretty good options available to find the best venue.

Using a reputable venue finder is very important and we highly recommend Make Events within the network but, when you do want to go it alone, you can leverage your network to find the perfect venue.

You can think of your network as being the best resource when it comes to venue finding and a strong network even more so. Fostering a culture of full transparency and trust within Eventprofslive means our members ask for unbridled advice on location, venue, in-house team, catering feedback and everything between. We share information not only on the contracting process, but on every single aspect involved in working with a particular venue. So, when you do rely on your network, you know the feedback you get is going to be from those who have worked with that venue before. A culture of trust within a network means you can ask everything you need to know, and you know you can compare that feedback from a couple of different members to get a fair picture.

Not only can you leverage your network for feedback on a venue when you have sourced the venue you want to work with, but you can use your network at the start of your venue-finding process. Putting a message out along the lines of “who knows a great property for around 100 delegates, close to Heathrow with great meeting space?” is a question we’ve had many a time and one in which our members have answered with loads of different options.

Asking your network for venue-finding assistance, running a property by the network that you are trying to decide whether to contract or not to or, even just sharing feedback on a venue you may have just used, are just a few reasons why, when it comes to venue-finding, your network really can be your best asset.

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