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16 Nov 2022

Net Zero Carbon Events Roadmap: content shared

Net Zero Carbon Events Roadmap: content shared

Net Zero Carbon Events Roadmap: content launched Following the launch of the Roadmap on 11 November, Net Zero Carbon Events has shared key content, including presentations and panel discussion replays.

Hundreds of events professionals around the world watched and listened to the presentations and panel sessions which highlighted the progress of the initiative since its launch in 2021, how the industry can move forward effectively using the Roadmap and how action areas and workstreams on topics such as travel, accommodation, energy, waste and measurement are the next steps.

Panel discussions about implementation, the need for structure, standardised measurement and to ‘start now’ figured prominently. Kai Hattendorf, CEO of UFI and JMIC board member said: “Measurement is key – without it, you can’t track progress. The challenge in our sector is that every event is different. It’s essential to take a united approach.”

Collaboration, commitment and consistency

The event opened with Miguel Alejandro, Naranjo Gonzalez and Ina Parvanova of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) congratulating the industry on developing the Roadmap, particularly that such a wide range of stakeholders had been involved.

During a series of contributions by leaders of organisations committed to supporting the initiative, Monica Lee Muller, managing director of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, said: “Sustainability is the company’s guiding principle, and the concept is now deep rooted in our process and daily routines. Being part of NZCE is a natural step for us.”

Alan Steel, CEO of the JAVITS Center confirmed that it’s okay to start small and work towards larger goals.

Bob Priest-Heck, CEO of Freeman, said: “Our eco-system is complex and we need to work together to make real change happen. We need to reach outside our industry and connect with aligned sectors such as travel.”

Charlie McCurdy, CEO of Informa Markets reminded everyone that: “Collectively, we bring together one and a half billion business decision-makers every year across virtually all industries around the world. Our events have an estimated total economic impact per year of 1.5 trillion US dollars. The exhibition industry is a catalyst for change.”

To listen to the launch, click here.

Next steps

On progress so far and looking ahead to next year, Hattendorf concluded; “This is the biggest, most inclusive action ever from our industry. At COP26 we just got started, with our pledge, and a huge amount of momentum. Now, at COP27, we’re launching the Roadmap.

"By COP28, we will have models for implementation, successful pilots to announce and share, and we will have companies beginning to report their progress into the framework."

Rees added: “Addressing this fundamental sustainability challenge is a global and united effort - and we need to drive consistency across our industry. Net Zero Carbon Events is here to bring people together and affect real change.”

Download the Roadmap here.

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