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international confex 2023

11 Jan 2023

Every moment counts

Every moment counts

Jack Newey, portfolio director, Conference News and International Confex, encourages eventprofs to seize every moment at events – chances are, it could positively impact yourself or your business.

Happy New Year, eventprofs. For my first blog of 2023, I wanted to talk about the value of moments – a point in time that stays with us, even after it's passed by.

The events we run (and attend) offer so many of these memorable moments – whether that’s through meeting new people or engaging with educational content. These moments provide significant value to our networks, business and branding.

Seizing them will be more vital than ever in 2023 because the value of moments has increased. Since the pandemic, there’s been far more respect and appreciation for moments, big or small, in our personal lives.

We have seen this by people attending things like festivals, concerts and sporting events with friends and family. Event attendance is back in full, and people are striving to make up for the shortfall created during lockdowns. Everyone wants to be back out there, in-person, engaging with one another.

This same passion should transfer across to the B2B environment too.

We should value every moment we have to connect, learn, and grow. After all, it’s the foundation of our industry and it’s how we create experiences for our delegates.

Goal setting

What can you take from this? Set yourself a goal. Go to as many events as possible in 2023, take that cold call, reach out to that LinkedIn connection. You never know where that moment may take you and the value it could have on yourself or your business.

I think our appreciation of moments and their value will help our businesses and networks grow even more this year.

Now, not every event you attend will be 100% valuable but if you're taking value from the small moments of engagement or education, then you will start opening doors that you weren't expecting and who knows where that could lead…

Let's make 2023 the year we really make every moment count and seize every opportunity that comes our way. Why not start by taking the opportunity to attend International Confex, taking place 2-3 March at ExCeL London.

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