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international confex 2023

01 Feb 2024

International Confex Embarks on a Pioneering Sustainability Journey with One Tribe

International Confex Embarks on a Pioneering Sustainability Journey with One Tribe

International Confex, a leader in the events industry, is excited to announce its partnership with the climate action platform, One Tribe. This collaboration is set to revolutionise the way International Confex approaches its environmental responsibilities, aiming to significantly manage scope one, two, and three emissions at its events. 

Central to this sustainability strategy is the implementation of nature-based offsets. These offsets will play a vital role in compensating for the remaining carbon footprint generated by International Confex taking place on 28-29 February 2024, in tandem with a focused effort to decarbonise the exhibition organising process itself and raise awareness amongst attendees. 

This year, International Confex is committed to offsetting emissions produced during its flagship 2-day event. The strategy involves an engaging and interactive approach, allowing attendees to monitor the 'trees protected' metric for the event, providing a tangible measure of their positive environmental impact. 

“As International Confex's primary sustainability partner and co-headline sponsor, One Tribe is dedicated to fostering a long-term commitment to nature regeneration as a key element in achieving Net Zero. This partnership goes beyond merely offsetting the carbon footprint of event production; it also encompasses the individual footprints of all attendees, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to sustainability.”

Ric Porteus, CEO of One Tribe.

Jack Newey, Group Portfolio Director of International Confex and Conference News, commented: "As we mark 11 years of leading International Confex, it has never been more integral for us to achieve Net Zero. This milestone isn't just about our commitment; it's a demonstration to the entire events industry that achieving Net Zero is not only necessary but entirely feasible. We've embraced this challenge to show that sustainable practices can coexist with successful event management, setting a standard for the industry. It's our responsibility to lead by example, proving that environmental stewardship and industry leadership can, and indeed should, go hand in hand. Our journey to Net Zero is a testament to our dedication to a greener future and serves as a beacon for others in our field to follow," 

One Tribe will be on-site at International Confex 2024 occupying stand I26C over the two-day event, where attendees will be able to drop in and connect with the team. Registration is now open for the exhibition taking place on 28-29 February 2024.

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