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17 Jun 2024

Session Insights: Innovations and Future Trends in Event Technology

Session Insights: Innovations and Future Trends in Event Technology

The recent content session at International Confex provided deep insights into the evolving landscape of event technology and its integration within the events industry. The session featured Mina Booth, Head of Content at Mash Media, Jamie Vaughan, Vice President of Europe for Cvent, and Reggie Aggarwal, Founder and CEO of Cvent. Here are the key takeaways from their discussions:

Technological Evolution in Events

Jamie Vaughan kicked off the discussion by highlighting the drastic changes in the events industry over the past 15 years. From the days when printing a badge on-site was considered cutting-edge, the industry has seen significant advancements, particularly in event technology. The role of technology has evolved from being a supplementary tool to becoming an essential component of event planning and execution.

Impact of COVID-19 on Event Digitisation

The pandemic was a pivotal moment for the industry, accelerating the adoption of digital tools. Vaughan pointed out that while technology like registration systems and marketing automation were already in use, the pandemic necessitated a complete digitisation of events. This shift has led to a lasting legacy where digital tools are now deeply embedded in event operations.

The Role of AI and Future Innovations

Reggie Aggarwal joined the session later, emphasising the transformative potential of AI in events. While there is some resistance due to concerns over job displacement, AI is seen as an efficiency tool that can free up planners for more creative tasks. AI’s capabilities in matchmaking and data analysis can enhance the event experience by providing more personalised interactions and improving engagement.

Simplification and Integration

A recurring theme in the discussion was the importance of simplifying technology. Vaughan and Aggarwal both stressed that while having a robust platform is crucial, making it user-friendly is equally important for success. They highlighted Cvent's commitment to developing solutions that are not just powerful but also easy to use. This includes integrating various event management functions into a single platform to avoid the complexity of managing multiple systems of a single event.

Customer-Centric Development

Both speakers underscored the importance of listening to customer feedback. Cvent regularly polls its clients to understand their needs and pain points, ensuring that the development of new features and tools is aligned with user demands. This user-led approach helps in creating relevant and effective solutions that truly enhance the event experience.

Future of Hybrid Events

Aggarwal predicted a sustained future for hybrid events, combining in-person and virtual elements. While in-person events remain irreplaceable for their networking potential, virtual components offer accessibility and extended reach. This dual approach provides a comprehensive engagement strategy, allowing event organisers to cater to diverse audience needs and preferences.

The session at International Confex highlighted the rapid advancements in event technology and the industry's adaptive strategies in response to global challenges. With a strong focus on AI, user-centric development, and the integration of hybrid models, the future of events looks innovative and promising. As technology continues to evolve, it will be crucial for event planners to embrace these changes and leverage them to create more engaging and efficient event experiences.

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