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19 Feb 2022

How to Market Your Events in 2022 - The Power of Digital

How to Market Your Events in 2022 - The Power of Digital

At the start of 2022, Data Reportal statistics highlighted there were over 4.95 billion global internet users - that’s a staggering 62.5 percent of the world’s total population using the internet. These figures continue to grow. Internet users have more than doubled since 2012, according to Kepios analysis.

As an event organiser, are you utilising digital effectively as part of your event marketing strategy? 

Here are 3 key tips for marketing your events in 2022: 

  1. Invest in an Always-on Strategy

Event marketers should invest a portion of their marketing budget to an always-on paid media campaign.

An always-on campaign promotes your event to your target audience all year round. The objective is to build strong brand awareness throughout the year to ensure your brand is always relevant within your industry and not only when your event is on. It's also an effective strategy to keep existing customers engaged and to certify you are at the forefront amongst competitors.

Focus on key content pieces that are engaging to your audience for example case studies & post-show reports from events that you want to share, industry reports, awards you have won (boost credibility) or strong launch videos for upcoming events.

        2. Run Data Building Campaigns

Data building is so important for event marketers, particularly with stricter privacy and protection rules being gradually introduced such as Google removing third party cookies. The upcoming restrictions may make targeting more difficult if you do not own the data yourself (i.e. first party data), so building your data lists is very important.

How do I build data - quickly?

Run paid media campaigns with content-led lead generation forms across all digital platforms. This is the quickest way for your user to share data without their journey being fully disrupted. 

Downloadable content on social - including whitepapers or post-show reports - is a really effective way to build quality early data lists that you know are interested in your content. The user must see value in providing their data, so make sure you have strong content. 

Use awareness campaigns alongside data building campaigns to drive traffic to your website. As cookies have not yet been retired, users will be captured in your cookies and you can remarket to them with lead generation forms to capture their data as ‘first-party data’.

If you are looking to grow your event in a new audience, data building campaigns ran well in advance of the event will allow you to get an idea of traction with this audience and build early data to target and remarket to. 

        3. Provide Additional Value for Your Exhibitors

Provide additional value for your exhibitors, whilst generating revenue at the same time through Audience Extension. As an event organiser, you have captured a lot of digital & hard data through:

  • Event data capturing

  • Website cookies

  • Email marketing

  • Social media following

  • Data in your ad and analytics account


Make the most of your data. This is VIP data to your exhibitors and sponsors - these are the people who are in your target audience and are (if not, would be) the visitors at your events. 

Exhibitors turn up to your events for the visitors you drive to the show. However throughout the year, when your event is not on, you can still give your exhibitors the ability to reach their target audience using Audience Extension. 

how does it work?

About Tag Digital

The Tag Digital team specialise in paid digital media marketing, specifically for event organisers, working with world-leading clients including Informa, dmg events, Dubai World Trade Center and Messe Frankfurt. 

Tag Digital has run over 100,000 event marketing campaigns and annually benchmark this data to determine “what's good”, achieving results that exceed traditional marketing by 8:1. 

Download the Event Industry Digital Benchmarking Report

Come see Tag Digital at International Confex (Stand K55C) or join them for their session - How to Market Your Events in 2022 - The Power of Digital, 9th March, Marketing Theatre, 2pm. 

When asked what she loves about Confex, Laura Davidson, CEO at Tag Digital said "I love to see all the innovation year on year from all the exhibitors and speakers - its great to see how the industry is constantly evolving."


For paid media event marketing support or more information, chat to Tag Digital

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