Emily Newstead, CEO & Founder of Bow Gifts shares what she feels is the greatest gift of all.... 

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Time is our great leveler, and the one asset we each have in equal measure, no more or no less than 24 hours a day, applicable to all.

It is suggestible that we transact with time for everything we need, and that time itself is our transactional commodity.

When we choose where and how we invest our time, one byproduct in doing so, is found in the ‘trade’ or ‘exchange’ of ‘money’. Our time is now exchanged for a measurable currency, a ‘means’ by which we pay for things that we either want or need.

Investments of our time - that are not done so for the exchange of money, may otherwise be - for the growth of a relationship, friendships, or skills.

Time itself is ultimately the most valuable commodity there is.

Therefore, it is worthy of knowing where we want to effectively exchange our time, and where we make our investments.

What is your time exchange rate? And do you truly value the time of others. Time spent, cannot be re-spent, rewound or revisited.

This. Second. Right. Now. Has. Gone. And. Is. Now. History… How. Did. You. Just. Spend. It?

We are not poor, we all have a 24/7 ‘time’ bank account, and how and where are you investing it?

It seems we are largely measured by how we have spent that time, with what we have to show for it. But remember there is more than one byproduct of any ‘time investment’, how amazing is that!

To buy an item worth £50, £5000 or £5,000,000 how much time do you need to exchange to achieve this and how have you leveraged your time for this process?

Do you invest your time in activities and people? Who leave you feeling that your time was well invested? Adding ‘interest’ as it were - to your time bank account. Or have you dispersed your time with people and places, where the outcome negatively impacts on you? Otherwise draining your resources.

One of the greatest gifts we can truly give ourselves is the gift of time.

Give yourself an amount of time to do something for YOU that will improve and nurture how you feel for the better.

Time is all we truly have; and we exchange it for experiences from the day we are born until our last moment. What will be your next exchange of time and what does that do for you and those around you?