The international marketing agency Lumière du Soleil has traditionally brought fruitful ideas on “how to win in the market” to exhibition visitors.

More than 50 free consultancies with fresh ideas of business development and modern promo tools were conducted at the international pavilion. Companies from different fields had a great chance to look at their business model out of the box and to find new opportunities to develop.

Another secret, shared by Lumière du Soleil during Confex show, was about the successful avoidance of the most common failures. Marketing theater visitors got a lot of fun as the examples demonstrated were quite humorous.

During the presentation “10 common marketing errors to avoid” the CEO of the agency, Svetlana Kulikova, shared with attendees lots of interesting examples of the most wide-spread marketing errors. Also she announced three easy tools to avoid them:

  1. Logic. Logic is just a chain of several linked questions.

What is the one point you would like to fix in the mind of your target audience after they see your ad?

What action would you like them to take afterwards?

Does your ad make this point and is it clear what to do next?

  1. Common sense. Common sense is, unfortunately, as we all know, not always common. One word you should check: does the advantage of your product / service make any sense? Is the good point you’re mentioning really good for your target audience?
  2. Feeling or intuition – it’s about when you feel that something with your ad is wrong. For example you don’t like a particular picture for no reason. It means that this picture has a negative connotation in your personal background or your brain has found some general negative associations, which you don’t realise consciously yet. Always try to work out the basis of your feelings in evaluating your ad.

The mixture of creatively presented theoretical and practical information provided an easy way to get an understanding of how to avoid the most critical pitfalls.

This presentation will be available gratis for all exhibitors and visitors – just drop your request here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.