Today Konligo is willing to propose an alternative to resource depletion and huge setup time in the event sector.

For Confex 2019, Konligo is to inaugurate its first immersive and sophisticated sustainable stand. The theme selected is in sync with its values since the interior of the structure is showcasing a tropical forest.

Around 60 light tailor-made panels are hung to the structure so one cannot escape from the enchanting and captivating experience.

The eye-catching 6 metres height structure can be unfolded and set-up within one hour time. Once the event is over, the structure can be easily folded and stored for the next event. The structure is made in Belgium with recycled aluminium which prevents from breaking, rusting and makes it stable and solid for multiple use.

This unprecedented stand will host the conference room in EN Pavilion, booth EN2.

If you want to be inspired or are curious about how to have sustainable, easy and bespoke stands for your next event, come to visit us!

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