GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS see rise in CSR-focussed record-breaking activities.

Over the past few years we’ve seen a huge rise in brands being driven by purpose. We see it in their advertising and in surveys from the likes of Deloitte, Channel 4 and EY confirming that an organisation’s ethics and purpose are increasingly driving consumers’ purchasing decisions and even their career choices.

At Guinness World Records we’ve seen this trend reflected in the MICE industry with a significant rise in event organisers looking to offer CSR-focussed record-breaking activities. In fact, last year we conducted some research which revealed that 87% of events industry professionals believe that CSR activity enhances delegate engagement at an event. Similarly, 86% agree that a well-executed CSR staff engagement campaign can increase positive perception of a brand, both externally and internally.

So how do you create a purpose-driven employee engagement activation that actually does good as well as makes your organisation look good? Here are our top three tips to get you started. You can also download our ‘little book of employee engagement inspiration ideasHERE.

Create an event that everyone can get involved in


Make sure that the activity is inclusive – something straight forward to ensure that everyone is engaged and enjoying themselves.

Builders’ merchant Jewson used record-breaking to engage their staff and to inject some festive goodwill into its annual staff conference last December, where 876 participants smashed the record for the Most Christmas presents wrapped simultaneously.

The gifts were given to the local community a part of the company’s partnership with Barnardo’s.

Uniting your team behind a good cause becomes even more rewarding when you can witness the impact you’re having first hand.

GSK Ireland has a longstanding partnership with Barretstown, a charity that runs residential camps and programmes for children and their families affected by cancer and serious illness.

While GSK has provided over 8 million euros in funding to the charity over the past 20 years, the partnership goes far deeper than that. The company gives each employee one working day every year to use purely for volunteering activity, with staff volunteering at camps, helping out with tasks such as gardening and painting

Share your success story

Sharing good news is always a positive thing and every once in a while it spreads joy in ways you might not have imagined at the outset. We worked with US furniture retailer Aaron’s Inc. who wanted a team building challenge for its national managers’ meeting that would spring its 2,000 associates into action, while benefitting the local community at the same time. We created a challenge that would bring all the employees together in a shared sense of problem solving and achievement – the Largest human mattress dominoes. 


The video of Aaron’s domino topple proved to be hugely popular online and to date as racked up over 44 million views.

All 1,200 mattresses were donated to charitable organizations in the Washington D.C. area, including A Wider Circle, an organisation focused on helping end individual and family poverty.

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