Organizations use their annual conference as their key platform for introducing new products, motivating employees, engaging with partners and communicating with press and customers. These represent a large investment and so getting the key messages over in an engaging way is very important. Holographic technology lends itself to creating a highly visual entertaining, forward-thinking and engaging event.

Musion has considerable experience in creating exciting holographic displays for blue-chip organizations during their internal and external conferences. Many large organizations have regional HQs all over the world and often senior executives are very busy and travelling to the venue is not possible. By using an immersive telepresence solution, the speaker can appear live and deliver their message as if they were in the room. The additional benefit is the reduction in their carbon footprint. An example of this was when CEO Ben Noteboom appeared to 28,000 staff in 44 countries for the company’s 50th anniversary. His speech could be pre-recorded in four different languages and was supported by breathtaking graphics, leading-edge virtual DJs and popular musical artists.

Musion’s Immersive TelePresence solution offers real-time reproduction across multiple locations, creating an experience that replicates the characteristics of direct human interaction that is experienced in face-to-face meetings. Telepresence opens up whole new forms of communication, entertainment, and education, for example, a celebrated professor can simultaneously lecture students in multiple universities around the world and also respond directly with the audience.

Many organizations use their conferences to showcase their offerings and launch new products, 3D holographic display never fails to generate positive response from the audience, these memorable moments create a stir that is every marketing director’s dream. An additional use of this technology could be to re-purpose some of the holographic content to provide a marketing solution that can be used across multiple platforms.

And its not just business events that are using holograms, high-profile celebrity entertainers are also performing holographically, an example of this was at Simon Cowells 50th birthday where Musion bought Frank Sinatra back to life to perform virtually. This can also be implemented for award shows where the celebrity is unable to attend.

Holograms have many different ways they can be implemented for events from demonstrating a ground-breaking medical procedure at a conference to showcasing equipment that cannot be transported, we can definitely expect the use of holograms to continue to grow in the industry.

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