Artifax partner with LW Theatres to provide venue management and programming software to their portfolio of London theatres.

LW Theatres, owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber, are the largest operator of musical theatres in London with one in three audience members at a London musical walking through the doors of one of their West End theatres.

Managing a portfolio of 6 London theatre, the team require a detailed oversight of enquiries and availability, performance schedules and hospitality bookings. Artifax’s central calendar and event planner, ArtifaxEvent, enables the wider group to have visibility at all times and to operate more efficiently and effectively.  The comprehensive reporting tools provide financial oversight, forecasting and utilisation details for the group and live data that otherwise can be tricky to track down.

Chances are, if you’ve seen a musical in the capital, it’s been planned with ArtifaxEvent!

Artifax will be exhibiting at International Confex for the first time in 2019.