CALL TO ACTION: Hybrid event experience has never felt so real, till this time

Professional events organizers, you don’t need to postpone or cancel your events, transform them and make it feel just like the real ones. The new player in town, Alive Blended Experience invites you to its hybrid event platform and discover what the real hype is all about.



Our collective event experiences in the past 5 months showed that the pandemic exposed a need to create more resilient events. As companies rush to move their events into a digital world day by day, the events ecosystem now incorporates both physical and digital elements and hybrid experiences are becoming the new normal. But a new player in town, Alive Blended Experience, reminds us that as companies are moving their events to hybrid, the key to their success will be on how realistic their online experience will be. Created by Atolye Group who has more than 15 years of experience in international event experience design, makes the hybrid event experience feel indeed real, connected, and more fun. Alive is waiting to meet with the professional event organizers and offer them its blended experience that feels just like the real. “Hybrid events are here to stay”, says the team.


The platform believes that the key to the future’s event experience is keeping the audience experience as close to as real. “Events are beyond streaming a presentation and calling it an experience. The platform you choose to organize has a great impact on the experience of your event design. Space should enable attendees to feel like they are in a physical room by interacting with other attendees as well as other stakeholders in person.” Alive offers social networking activities, interactive ways of delivering the content, and 3D avatars integrated into its platform to make the experience feel real. The platform foresees that the virtual event technology needs to be more human-centered than ever. 

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The need for human-to-human interaction is said to be the biggest drawback of online events. But the platform believes that the ability to network with people can be fostered in hybrid events with the right design curated according to the event organizers’ needs. For that, the platform initially asks strategic questions such as “ What key things do you want to achieve?” to the organizers and guide them to choose from one of their meeting halls. For product launch events, press meetings, diverse team meetings, and for all, the platform offers a unique experience.

The platform places itself on an island, has its city plan, and diverse contextual meeting rooms. At one of its meeting rooms; Alive Royal Penthouse, teams organize meetings with animated contents in the presentations, use live polls, live discussions, ice-breaker moments, ideation, prototyping sessions, and real-time Q&As to keep their audiences connecting from all around the world by actively participating. Further, they get immersed in the meeting experience with a powerful method of communicating with their Avatar and create connections. The 3D Avatar profile offers high resolution of graphics and allows users to observe the meeting with a 360 angle camera, just like the real experience. The avatar profiles can even dance, sing, and show the excitement just like the real. Plus, during large events, attendees have the opportunity to chat with people they might not otherwise meet and create serendipity moments such as coming up with ideas for doing projects together.


The platform offers personalized meeting room experiences to the organizers such as uniquely designed interior curations, smaller areas for interactive breakout sessions, areas for meditation sessions to re-energize audiences, sponsorship and branding installations, kiosk and exhibition hall options for brands and sponsors to showcase products along with offerings. At Alive Shopping Center, organizers create unique shopping journeys with augmented reality experience. At Performance Center, concerts, theatres, biennials, fashion shows, exhibitions, auctions, and performing arts can be organized. At Gaming Center, organizers can create special esports tournaments, and stream their events. The Center aims to be a game-changer for the international esports experience.


Alive meetingWhat is more, the platform also offers building interiors of your real event's place, such as a certain university hall or a palace. Other than organizing events for your audience, you can create public events such as “Networking Events”, invite and meet with the Alive Community and beyond. On October 16th, Alive will host a special Networking event for its community.


With the motto; events come #Alive, the platform glimpses to be a pioneer in shaping the nature of events experience. Amid an increasing number of travel restrictions, budget limitations, and with the recent news that the conferences and exhibitions will not be allowed to run from 1 October as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed, hybrid event experiences can be an efficient choice. As we also think about our planet; time, energy, and resources go into holding physical events, the pollution created can also be transformed. If you are looking to organize an online event soon, open yourself up to new opportunities offered by the hybrid event experience ecosystem at Alive.



You can connect the platform anywhere in the world via tablet, web, or mobile phone. It will be soon on Google Play or Apple Store.

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