With everyone now turning their attention to running small events with social distancing measures in place, event organisers and venues are going to need technology to manage footfall and create a staggered entry system.


Delegates will need an easy to use system to register their attendance and book their own convenient arrival time with the system managing availability. Organisers will need a simple yet powerful tool to manage the bookings - one that is flexible enough to allow them to set their own limit of how many people can arrive at any given time, and how long that arrival window is. This will also probably mean the end to onsite registrations for the time being.


Arrival communication will be essential because organisers will need to allow for a few hiccups. Delegates will inevitably be late or even arrive early, so organisers will need a system that will monitor attendees in real time so that they can, if needed, alert future attendees with a push message to the app, or a text message to their phone to delay entry whilst a bottleneck is cleared.


Organisers can decide how ‘strict’ they want to be - they may want to scan attendees on arrival and only let them in within their allotted time slot, but they are likely to have to be flexible with transport delays or risk upsetting people.


As event numbers are currently limited to 30 people, organisers may need to cap the amount of time delegates can actually be at an event and use tech to notify them that they only have 30 minutes of time left.


Organisers may also wish to use technology to help visitors feel safe, such as autonomous scanning equipment that have been launched specifically to minimise human interactions throughout an event. 


Article by:  Simon Clayton, author of Blog.ChiefIdeasOfficer.com and CIO of RefTech