What defines a great MC, moderator, or host?  Great event MC's, moderators and hosts recognise and respect the 3 audiences they serve and expertly meet all of their core needs.  These audiences are the participants, the event organiser and the speakers.  If participants don't get the value and experience they paid for, they will vote with their feet.  Some may not be polite enough to wait until the end of the day and simply walk out mid-event.

Speakers who are well informed and looked after and who have an audience that is excited to listen to their content will generally perform better.  Very few thrive on getting onto a stage in front of a bored, disengaged audience.  An ability to read the room and adjust to re-engage the audience preparing them for the next speaker is a core skill of a great MC, moderator, or host.

Organisers also have specific objectives.  Some of them are very tangible, others such as 'how they would like the audience to feel', are not so tangible.  Everything they do is driven by these objectives. Meet or better yet exceed these and everyone wins.

Masters of the craft of MCing, moderating, or hosting are able to masterfully walk this tight-rope of objectives with grace and flexibility.  They relate easily with people across a variety of backgrounds, they are professional and people feel uplifted around them.  In addition, they can translate this skill to any setting be it in-person or online.

The questions they ask (or indeed don't ask), will provide an indication of if the host, MC, or moderator you are considering - understands the three audiences they are ultimately serving.


International MC, Moderator & Host, Lovelda Vincenzi specialises in MCing and moderating business conferences & summits for organisers who want to create memorable experiences. She has been entrusted to introduce and facilitate conversations with political figureheads, celebrities, business executives, and entrepreneurs. Names such as Margrethe Vestagar (European Commissioner for Competition), Monica Lewinsky, Kunal Nayyar (Big Bang Theory), and Paul Polman (Former Unilever CEO).

On a mission to turn events into memorable experiences, Lovelda is a dynamic, witty, fun and entertaining MC who is an asset to any event management team. As a podcaster who has also been booked for with auto-cue and studio filmed engagements, Lovelda is an excellent fit for in-person, online or hybrid events.


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Website: www.lovelda.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/loveldavincenzimc/

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