Wardrobe image v8At TeamTogs, our usual has always been unusual. The events industry has often led the way dynamically and creatively. Live and virtual events customer requirements often break the mould both in terms of product, rollout, and lead times. 

As the country begins to open back up, we are delivering our customers exciting and clever briefs via our KIT system. Implemented quickly and conveniently delivering your branded goods to both staff and customers now in multiple locations.

We are all about “kitting out” a brand in a relevant way, for all stakeholders (staff, customers, partner audiences).  This could be through clothing, merchandise, and a vast range of branded items we can help you to specify and supply.  We run the logistics behind it so all you need to do is be creative and brief us with your requirements.


What is KIT?

KIT is TeamTogs online wardrobe and merchandise management system. First designed and launched a eight years ago aimed specifically at helping organisations to deal with a mobile, remote based work force. A system particularly useful in the current climate with many staff, teams and customers becoming remote workers almost overnight. Via continual development KIT now offers a sophisticated, easy to use system, to manage your clothing and merchandise orders and delivery flexibly. Delivering at an individual team member level, through to divisional orders, site orders, bulk orders, and everything in between.


KIT Delivers:

  • Online wardrobe and merch management system (mobile or desktop).
  • Choose from thousands of products, or if it doesn’t exist create bespoke
  • Kit out staff and customers who work remotely as easily as a bulk order to a single address
  • Reduce your management time with efficient web-based control
  • Manage teams, crews, customers, individuals, or a combination of these
  • Specify different branding or ranges for different divisions and/or customers
  • Customisation / personalisation features
  • Man packing and collation
  • Optional payment gateway with ability to set margins if retailing product with drop shipping
  • Reduced keying errors and returns
  • Stock management, laundry and re issue/use functions
  • Set alerts and manager approval levels
  • Reduce stock holding/over ordering
  • Reporting system
  • Track deliveries
  • Easily manage active and lapsed users (staff exits)
  • Push out updates for new ranges and prompt ordering
  • Track longevity, functionality, and feedback enabling informed decisions with ongoing ranges
  • Reduction in returns
  • Secure and GDPR compliant
  • TeamTogs set it up for you. All you do is specify and we will do the rest.

To talk to us about KIT or if you are starting to plan your live or virtual events programmes and need some ideas, we are here to support you and take some pains out of the process for both you, your teams, and customers. 


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