As the Government edges towards relaxing the rules on lockdown and businesses begin to reopen, we will all need to make changes to our premises to meet current and future government guidelines on social distancing and safe working.

The Government has set out Guidelines on safe working and one of the key conditions was ensuring staff and visitors were made fully aware of the safety procedures.

Clear, unambiguous signage is important in enforcing and reinforcing this message.

‘InspireCling’ signage has one special attribute; after being stuck onto any surface it can be removed and reused without leaving a mark. Once the signage is no longer required there will be no need to repaint the walls or fix the floor.

Inspire Cling covid signs 15 194 resized


You can find all the required signage on their website, and they have kindly offered a 10% discount to our readership. To receive the discount using the unique code MM10.