The current crisis has fundamentally changed buyer behaviour and sent a shockwave through events sales. What buyers expect from salespeople is changing and all the early signs suggest that these changes will be long lasting, if not permanent. If sales teams are to succeed in a post-outbreak world, sales excellence needs to be re-defined.

Throughout June and July, Flume Sales Training will be leading the charge on overcoming this challenge with a mix of online summits and roundtables in collaboration with the industry. They will bring together buyers and sellers of event space and sponsorship, present the latest research and speak to industry experts to understand the changes and the impact this will have on sales approaches, both good and bad.

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Flume will share all their findings along the way via three, free-to-attend online summits.

If you work in this great industry, within a sales or commercial role, then Flume want you and your teams to be part of re-defining sales excellence for a changed world. Please get involved and register for the initial summits here:

About Flume

Flume are committed to helping businesses come through this crisis in the strongest way possible. We help companies create the most powerful sales and marketing approaches by encouraging them to walk in their clients’ shoes. Flume are well known in the media and events industry for driving sales results via high impact training.

Flume’s recent series of webinars have attracted over 2,500 industry sales professionals since lockdown commenced.

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Direct links to register for summits:

Summit 1: What clients need from salespeople - the client perspective

Summit 2: How to drive ROI for your client - the audience perspective

Summit 3: Defining a new sales experience - the sales perspective