As we all settle into the ‘new normal’ Premier Events believe that companies and delegates are going to want more engaging and professional event experiences, as opposed to just a Zoom call with a presenter in their living room. It’s for this reason that they have invested heavily in creating their own event space. Here’s what they had to say:

The hybrid event studio has been designed with social distancing at the heart of it to ensure everyone’s safety. As well as the studio itself, we also have a board room, green room and kitchen area that clients can utilise.



We designed the space to be as flexible as possible, we have multiple furniture and AV options in stock to allow us to change the look and feel of the studio. So for example, we could use a lectern for the more formal presentation and then bring in comfortable seating such as sofas and coffee tables for more informal Q&A sessions.

We are open to client ideas, but our initial thinking has been that the space can be used for:

premier studio resized
  • Company Meetings
  • AGMs
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Training Sessions
  • Product Launches
  • Fashion Shows
  • Festivals
  • Live DJ Sets


The focal point of the studio is a 10m wide curved LED video wall, this 4k display will showcase your content to the virtual audience. We have built an 11m x 3m stage in front of the video wall, this gives us the flexibility to provide a number of layouts depending on your requirements.

Three HD cameras have been installed so that the presenters on stage can be clearly seen by the audience at home. An L-Acoustics PA system has also been installed allowing presenters to hear questions directed to them by the virtual audience.

The overhead lighting rig ensures that the presenters are illuminated when on stage. We also have the option to add colour and movement to these fixtures for award ceremonies and festivals etc.

A 98″ screen sits opposite the stage and allows presenters to see the content on the screen behind them, timer, notes etc, just as you would expect at a live event.

Our tech team are set up at the side of the studio and will mix the best camera angles, powerpoint and video content and then stream this feed out to your audience.



The studio has been created with social distancing at the heart of it’s design. We have separate entrances and exits for clients and our technical team. We also have separate meeting rooms, toilets and kitchens etc that are sanitised before and after each booking. We have hand sanitising stations spread around the space as well. We can ensure that social distancing is practiced at all times, client and staff safety is paramount.



Absolutely not, if you feel more comfortable, we can record each session as if its live, edit out any mistakes etc and then stream it live to your audience. You may have presenters who are shielding at home who are part of the event, we can also record their sessions in advance and mix that into the live show. The live section of the event could just be the Q&A session for example.



Ultimately, it’s a fraction of the cost compared to hiring us to prep, deliver, install and run the AV equipment at a venue. We own everything in the studio so our costs are minimal.

To get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable team and see how they can support you with your next hybrid or virtual event here: