Our industry continues to be hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis. Marketing budgets are being cut and remaining spend is being heavily scrutinised. It’s harder than ever for your client to say ‘yes’ to your solutions and its harder than ever for them to gain sign-off internally. The experience that your salespeople offer your clients has always been the difference between closing and losing opportunities - however, right now, it is vital that they get it right. Here are four steps salespeople must follow to drive revenues. 


  • Focus on client ROI
  • ROI has obviously always been important for our clients, however, right now it’s pretty much the only thing they care about. According to a recent SBI survey, 58% of CMOs say they are having increased interactions with their CEO and you can bet that those CEOs aren’t too interested in anything but return. Salespeople must make results central to every sales interaction.

  • Discuss and share insight into the changes in audience behaviour
  • The marketers job has always been to turn audiences into customers, central to that is having a deep understanding of how audiences are behaving and this has changed markedly over the last two months. Salespeople that have a deep understanding of their audiences have a significant advantage when it comes to building businesses cases for marketing spend. Ensure that you have up-to-date audience personas and then teach your client about the audience’s current priorities and challenges. Use that insight to justify why the audience needs to hear from your client now.

  • Discuss and teach around what messaging the audience will engage with
  • One of the biggest challenges that clients face now is how to message. They are understandably concerned about getting it wrong and being seen as insensitive or ‘tone deaf’ to the views of their audience. Up-to-date, rich, audience personas will reveal to clients why they need to keep investing in marketing, but they will also shape the messaging that should sit at the heart of any campaign.

  • Brainstorm the strongest platforms to deliver this message
  • It’s likely that your traditional face-to-face event is not an option for the time being so clients need to be helped with understanding which alternative platforms are going to be best at getting the audience to where they need them to get to. If you don’t have the right products, now is the time to move with pace, be innovative and add those products that are going to work for the customer.

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