This week we caught up with Elke Sudin founder of Drawing Booth - based in Brooklyn her team work internationally at events and were milling around Confex capturing in-person moments back in Feb. Since then, continuing the business conversations from the show they have developed their proposition to our current environment. We think there is a positive message in here for businesses to reflect on their own purpose and reminder for individuals to get creative. We love the sound of the teambuilding classes, particularly as we are all looking to video content to communicate with the world, what better than a Group Story boarding Workshop?


Thoughts from Elke:

When I was graduating art school, just at the 2008 recession, my teacher of illustration at Pratt Institute in New York said to us, “when in doubt, always come back to drawing.” 

The act of drawing is a fundamental creative gesture that helps express what can not be described in words. It is emotional, informative, mimicking reality without beholden to reality. 

While the in-person experience and the usual ways of doing things are on hold, I think back to my teacher’s advice and how fundamental the creative act of drawing is. 

As we enter the virtual event space I encourage others to pick up their own pen/pencil/stylus and start drawing or doodling. Lines, shapes, forms, that constitute concepts or recontextualize our local environment, our home offices, the thoughts in our head, are pathways to new worlds right at home.

If you need a hand (or stylus) to hold through the process, or lead a group together, or to get more creative on your meetings, us artists are here to show you a thing or two.


For more information on Drawing Booth's virtual offerings, click here.