With our weekend plans on halt for the foreseeable future, our free time is not what it once was… our Monday morning team Zoom catch up consisted of small talk such as ‘I binge watched a series on Netflix, I chilled in the garden, I baked a cake…’

So while we ponder what to do on a Saturday night, Bongo’s Bingo have come up with the ultimate stay at home bingo experience. Sumaia at Mash Media decided to give it a go this weekend and while nothing will ever compare to the real-life experience … It did provide a fun antidote to an otherwise mundane weekend!

The night kicked off with a montage of footage sent in from the previous online ‘Bongo’s Bingo Bungalow’ including a video of someone eating an entire raw onion as if it were an apple…

Our hosts then revealed the prize for the first round of Bingo tonight was not one, not two, but three carboard cut outs of Lewis Capaldi, it was all to play for…

The game had been adapted slightly to make it work online, your phone number made up your Bingo numbers (excluding the first 0) so you had 5 sets of numbers. If you had Bingo, you simply WhatsApp your name and where you are from to the show’s hosts so they can check your numbers. As one participant who falsely called Bingo learned, make sure you’re certain to avoid embarrassment… ‘Andy you’re a tw*t.’ filled our screens as we learnt his numbers were incorrect!

The night also consisted of rounds of quizzes, although the questions were opinion based ‘Who is the best character in Harry Potter’… The answer should of course be Snape. There was also a snail race, and guest appearances from ‘celebrities’ including the Chuckle Brothers and Barry from Eastenders.

The show ended with tunes being played while we danced around our living room! Overall, it was a very fun experience paired perfectly with a glass of wine (or 3!)

While last week was the last Bongo's Bingo Bungalow for a while, keep your eyes peeled for future updates… I am hopeful they will bring it back and I’m definitely looking forward to trying to real thing once things go back to normal. Thanks to the team at Bongo’s Bingo for a great night!