Patch Media share their top 5 ways to keep in touch with your leads during lock down. 


We’re lucky that we live in an age where it’s possible to keep in touch with loved ones, friends and colleagues with relative ease. Although we have had to adjust to only communicating via phone, social media, emails or video calls, these things are familiar to us and many of you will already use them regularly in both your personal and work life.

The past few weeks have shown the events industry is quick to adapt, making us exceptionally positioned to come out of the other side stronger than ever. We can’t change the reality of what’s happening, but securing leads now for future events will be a vital part of a successful comeback.

However, doing this remotely can present a challenge. Building a good relationship is often the most important element in winning a lead over but getting to know someone over online channels will never quite replace meeting face-to-face. There’s not a complete solution to this but there are small ways the industry can keep adjusting to make sure we continue building positive relationships.

We still see people getting out there with what they have to offer, and of those they can be split into two categories: the ones who recognise the difficulty of what’s happening and have adapted, making their product or service more accessible to help others; and those who appear oblivious to it all. Can you guess which ones leave us with a lasting positive impression?

Our recommendation is to place yourself in a mindset of: “What can I do to make life for my prospective clients (and clients for that matter) easier over the coming months?”. Beyond making sure you don’t come across tone-deaf and presenting yourself as willing and able to help, we’ve put together a few other suggestions for keeping in touch with your network under lockdown.


Check in on them

These are weird times! We’re all trying to work out how best to live our lives and plenty of us still won’t be there yet, so be a friend first and check in on them. It’s basic stuff, but asking how they are, how their family is and how they’re coping might mean more than you think to them.

It they’re living on their own, see if they’re up for a chat or even a pint over Zoom. Share pictures of your pets with each other, your children’s latest masterpiece, your favourite ‘working from home’ breakfast. We could all do with a few doses of normality. It’s the little things like knowing that Tim’s son is obsessed with football so you send him a football training video for kids that he can do with his son. You might not realise what a difference it makes to their day.


Industry Updates

More so than ever, information is one of the most powerful things we have. Be an ally to your clients and prospects by keeping them in the know with things they’ll find useful or informative. It feels hard to make decisions about nearly anything at the moment (especially long-term), but knowing what’s going on in the industry, and cutting through the fake news, can provide much needed confidence boost by understanding what may or may not be likely in the coming weeks and months.

Better than sending one-off updates, try and curate a selection of snippets each week covering the latest news and trends, focused on what your leads will find helpful. The more assured they feel, the more business they can commit to, and the more likely you’ll secure that much needed lead.


How can I help your business?

This is not an opportunity for sales, but think how could

you genuinely be of help. Ask what would be useful to them right now or whether they’re missing anything and offer yourself / your company up to help, free of charge.

Perhaps they have the time to give their team some digital training but lack of business means they don’t have the budget for it. If you or your team has the right knowledge, you could set aside a few hours and host a webinar for them. Maybe they’re dealing with a business dilemma that you’ve been through yourself - offer to set some time aside for sharing advice and talking through any questions they have. We could all use a helping hand right now, and you’ll be unlikely to forget those who did help.


Broad business updates

We’re sure a number of you are actively avoiding the news at the moment (and we can’t really blame you) but for those who can’t help staying up-to-date, keeping your network in the loop about any major business updates could mean you’re the one they learn a game-changing piece of information from. From the potential for more government-backed financial support to the risk of surprise new guidelines for businesses to adhere to, you just might save their skin.

But be wary: the last thing any of us need is for more misinformation to be spread. It only reflects badly on you if you end up sharing something false or overly-sensationalised. Our advice is to fully read through what you’re going to send and ensure it comes from a reputable source. If you deem it informative and useful – send on!


Stress-test ideas

An events industry completely void of events risks our collective creativity. Just like a muscle, if not put into practice for long enough it’s talent and power can begin to wane. Being a sounding board and letting your network stress-test with you is an unrivalled opportunity to keep flexing that muscle.

Not only does it keep the creative juices flowing, but it gets your leads imagining their events at your venue or using your services. Bear in mind this is not an opportunity to pitch, just a chance to chat about any hold-ups they might have or discuss what solutions you can provide for their event. It’s easy to say yes later on if they already feel confident you can deliver exactly what they need.