Having come off the back of MJB’s first Confex, both myself and team were really buzzed by the feedback we were getting from delegates about our approach and platform of services that we offer.  We also had a great response about our new group Bloxedbeats who we manage and who performed for us at the event.

Coming away with a list of leads we felt that Q2 for us would be great HOWEVER along came COVID19 and this quickly ended any client events/planning.

We had two options, shut up shop or plan for the future? SO as a team (and working remotely) we brainstormed what we could prepare for when the lockdown is lifted but also with the experience we have, the contacts and suppliers we have worked with for many years, what could we give back.

Being based in Penn, Buckinghamshire we are placed amongst three hospitals, Stoke Mandeville, Wycombe General and Wexham Park along with the private hospitals. It quickly became apparent that we should put on an event for the NHS workers from these hospitals but also give the public the opportunity to get involved and say thank you.

So at this point in time we are planning to run 3 days of music events taking place at Adams Park which is home to Wycombe Wanders Football club and to raise money for the Buckinghamshire NHS Trust Charity.

I strongly believe that the future for events looks positive, all the events that we were due to run have not been cancelled just postponed so my fear is not will we have events but will we be able to cope with the demand of additional new events.

My message to people, ride the storm as best you can, stay safe and when that lockdown ends be ready for lift off!