If you have looked at the venue guides on our South Bank website today, you may have noticed that a new ‘accessibility’ section on the left-hand side has popped up that wasn’t there before.

That’s because a new scheme launched yesterday that will revolutionise the way in which visitors with accessibility needs can find information on how to access South Bank’s top venues.

“Accessible South Bank” - worked on collectively by all the major venues and created alongside leading charity AccessAble - will ensure that a comprehensive range of new accessibility information and guides are made easily available for those who need it. The process will also see South Bank become the capital’s leading destination for accessibility information, which we hope will help it to become one of London’s most inclusive areas.

From now on, any visitors to www.southbanklondon.com will be able to find detailed accessibility guides on over 50 South Bank venues when searching through the ‘Explore’ section of the website. From cultural attractions, hotels and public spaces, all of South Bank’s iconic sites are included. This information will also be found on the venue’s own websites, Visit England’s accessibility pages as well AccessAble’s own website and app.

All questions will be answered, such as getting there, routes to take around the area and what to expect once inside the venue itself.

The aim of the project was to take away the uncertainty and doubt that a lack of information on accessibility can create for people with disabilities and their families or friends. As a recent AccessAble survey found, 98% of people with accessibility needs had to check if a potential destination had the appropriate facilities, and 76% have had to cancel a visit due to a lack of information.    

Dr Gregory Burke, founder of AccessAble, added that this ‘trailblazing initiative’ will be able to “empower disabled people, their families, carers and friends - and indeed anyone with an access requirement - to enjoy all the South Bank has to offer.”

With approximately 6 million of South Bank’s 30 million annual visitors having some form of accessibility requirement, we are proud that “Accessible South Bank” will be able to make them feel more included than ever before.