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Virtual first - engaging every voice

23 Jun 2021
Digital Event Theatre
Virtual and hybrid events
Axis are currently undertaking a UK Government funded project to define how corporate events can be made more engaging and inclusive in a virtual world. This presentation will present the outputs of this project. Interactivity and impact are key to a successful event - everyone should have an opportunity to contribute and shape the collective output. Yet, in most event breakout and collaboration sessions a subset of voice dominate to the detriment of everyone else. This undermines engagement and the ability to harness the power of diverse teams. The project has researched the problem, bringing new insight into what is not working today e.g. disability and accessibility, gender and unconscious bias. And has defined a new approach to virtual collaboration that is inclusive and engaging for everyone. Axis' project partners are Broadsword, the Events Marketing Association, Realise, DICE, Private Goodness and Purple Goat.
Robert Hopkin, Co-founder - Axis Workshops Limited

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